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Reduce Your Costs – Outsource Exchange Server!

A hosted exchange server is a facility (business messaging) that is offered to a business by a third party. The third party owns and houses the server in a data centre that meets all the security and environmental requirements for the same. All the relevant software and hardware is owned, maintained, and updated by the service provider. This service allows businesses to avoid all the high costs involved (new software and hardware to name a few) in setting up their own in-house system. It also rids them of the problem of integration of the new system with their existing systems. By outsourcing this function one can reap the benefits of the latest technology with minimal cost.

Troubleshooting and maintenance

The maintenance and troubleshooting of such servers is a complex and costly job. Owning your own in-house system requires a lot of funds that could otherwise be put to better use. Outsourcing this eliminates the need of constantly monitoring the availability of data and updating the software. Small and medium businesses are usually not in a position to absorb these costs. By outsourcing this function you transfer the responsibility of all these expensive tasks to your service provider. It becomes their responsibility and you can make use of those services that benefit you and pay accordingly, thus avoiding all the high overheads.

Work efficiency

Communication is an important aspect of any business, and without effective communication one cannot run an enterprise. Besides being central to your success, communication is also a time-consuming task that eats up a lot of executive time. An efficient and affordable business messaging system makes good business sense. It not only allows you to communicate in a more efficient manner but also reduces the amount of time you spend on communication. The time saved can be spent on other aspects that are important to your business. You thus get multiple benefits, both tangible and intangible, from a third party business messaging service.

Value added services

Business messaging services come with many added features (collaboration and information sharing among them) that can be accessed from computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices via the internet from any location. This helps your business by allowing better communication among your employees and makes tasks like arranging meetings, inter and intra departmental messaging faster and easier. It also allows you to assign and monitor jobs, performance, etc. These value added services also give your business a professional feel and create a good impression on the client. Day-to-day expenses of running a business can be kept to a minimum with these services when outsourced at minimal cost.

A hosted exchange server offered by a third party can be advantageous for your business in multiple ways. It increases the efficiency of communications and reduces time spent on it. The freed up time can then be put to more productive use by your employees thus improving the core of your business. It also offers you all these advantages at a minimal cost by eliminating the need for you to lock up a significant amount of capital in developing and maintaining an in-house system. is one of the best in this business. Their services bring you all these advantages and more at very competitive prices. They offer 24/7 support, complete commitment to customer satisfaction, and have a team of experts who are on call at all times.