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Below article is an exercise in creative writing by one of our regular copywriters. The challenge was to use as many of the available domain extensions inside the article as readable words in a functional sentence, we hope you enjoy it!

“The .WORLD is your oyster” mothers across generations have always said to their children. But the world is everyone’s oyster these days. All you need is an internet connection and a .COMPUTER of sorts and the world shrinks into the size of a pearl in a few seconds, depending on the speed of your .NETWORK. What this means is that more people than ever before now use the World Wide Web and there is more .INFOrmation on it than anyone can ever imagine. People across all demographics use this .COOL new .TECHNOLOGY as a .GUIDE for all sorts of purposes in daily .LIFE and routine. It is one .GLOBAL source of .SOLUTIONS, .REVIEWS, .TIPS and .SOCIAL interaction, only .LIMITED by ones own comfort .ZONE. This is why any .BUSINESS that is strong enough to require any form of advertising should think first of doing it online. There is where you stand the best chance of reaching your preferred (.INTERNATIONAL) audience. However, the .NET is such a big place with so many websites that if there wasn’t such a thing as search engines, locating one would be harder than finding a needle in a haystack.


Having lauded the internet as an ultra mega super hyper gigantic marketplace with nothing else quite like it, it begs some pertinent questions: how do I become relevant in such a humongous space, how do I get noticed at all? There are several ways of getting noticed on the internet, some of them ethical, some of them not, some of them unobtrusive and some of them will make you browse the internet with an online version of fly swatters called pop-up blockers and ad blockers. We at FXDomains like to be your technology .PARTNERS in getting all the .PARTS together for you to reach your full .DIGITAL potential. We believe if you want to find out where to buy your Spandex .SUPPLIES to design your new Spiderman .CLOTHING or where to find a honest .ATTORNEY to hire, it should be within your power to search for these .SERVICES instead of being barraged by other things you don’t really want like a salesman trying to sell you a Goth makeup kit early on a Sunday morning. What we do operates largely on the principle of search engine marketing which works by making sure that you rank very highly on search engines’ results when people who need your services search for you. This means if you were offering .SERVICES like say tours of New York City and someone searched the internet for .NYC Tours, your company would come up first instead of an escort service .COMPANY located in Eastern .EUrope. SEM works by enhancing the visibility of your website so that those who need your products, services or content will always be able to find you and find you first before your competitors and other things they can really do without.


FXDomains specializes in the sale and .MANAGEMENT of .DOMAINS which are unique, witty and .COOL; extremely easy to remember. There are numerous benefits to be gotten from using a domain extension that is different from the rest but by far the most important advantages are the facts that your .WEBSITE will be easier to find when a service you provide or a product you sell is being searched for and that once found you will hardly ever be forgotten, ensuring that you retain your customer base even while expanding it. The domains on offer are numerous, but none of them are superfluous, such that there is virtually nothing you are involved in that won’t be covered by one or more of our innovative domain extensions. Here we truly do have a name for everyone.

→ Businesses and outfits

We have an extensive range of domains for businesses such as .BAR, .PUB or .CLUB (whoa, it rhymes!) and even the ideas of businesses or infrastructure to get you started on a business probably by helping you get a .LOAN or help inject more .CAPITAL into your business. Domain extensions like .BUSINESS (you probably guessed that one), .FINANCIAL, .VENTURES etc are available for registration at .CHEAP rates.

→ Travel and Tourism

We at FXDomains have a wanderlust that can hardly be quenched and we hope our customers share our passion to travel the world. Going .PLACEs has never been more fun than domain names that go to places like going to have a quick cuppa tea with Big Ben down in .LONDON .UK or craning the neck to appreciate the skyscrapers of .NYC, maybe even see Godzilla over in .TOKYO or visit the mesmerizing lights of .VEGAS, just to enjoy a .BEER or a .VODKA, maybe have a stroll unter der linden in .BERLIN; our domains virtually do not need visas and we can .GUIDE you through any .CITY or any .TOWN.

→ Subsidiaries

Here are some websites that are already doing so well but want another dimension to promote certain services or sales. We believe if it isn’t broken, then there is no need to fix it and you can have alternate/sister websites that sport a domain name which addresses that specific aspect that you wish to address. Some websites have help sections that are so big they merit their own domain name and you’ve guessed it, we have the .HELP domain extension ready to help you out.

→ Promotional

As we have elaborated before, advertisement done on the internet is advertisement done very well. Many times a company or outfit decides to make things a little bit for interesting for their customers by introducing more incentive to buy. With the consumer culture of the 21st century, this is not extremely difficult to do but you still have to let the consumers know what’s in it for them when they buy that one extra champagne bottle for example. This is why we have come up with a lot of domain names to take care of all such needs. Is it .BLACKFRIDAY? No problem! Is it .CHRISTMAS? We’ve got it covered. Are you offering .DEALS that no one can refuse or .DISCOUNTs and .QPONs that will encourage people to buy things they don’t even need? You guessed it, there are domain extensions for all of that.

→ Descriptive Advertising

Sometimes the best way to advertise is to simply associate yourself with what you offer or what you do. Too many times have people missed the mark by being excessive with their creative freedom and they end up with trademarks that could not be anymore dissimilar from the service or product they wish to market. This can be corrected by the use of domain names that can put the needed spark into your website. How to better advertise a website about surgery than using a .SURGERY domain extension? How about a company that sells or installs furniture; what better way to announce their internet presence than by sporting a domain name that screams interior decoration like .FURNITURE? The same can be said of any company that could use domain extensions such as .CLOTHING, .TOYS, .FITNESS or .DENTAL. Check us out, we probably have something that would suit you just fine.

→ Hobbies and popular interests

Apart from our jobs and the things we have to do to pay our bills, the only other things that take as much of our attention and effort are our hobbies and interests. The revenue generated in order to entertain and satisfy our desires are probably several times greater than that generated from essential things that keep us alive. That is why fun related domain names will always be best sellers. All music aficionados will be happy to know that you can find websites to cater for your love of .GUITARS for example. Lovers of .HIPHOP can finally have a place congregate and call their corner of the internet. If the serenity that can be found while .FISHING is more aligned with your taste, you are not left behind. Going to the .RODEO, an art .GALLERY or a nice quaint .BOUTIQUE means you are .CATERING for a wider audience.

→ Creative domain extensions

If your website is the type that prefers not to be bound by norms and convention, there are several unconventional domain extensions to choose from. .WTF, we even offer extensions like .MOE, .KIM and .GRIPE and those definitely .ROCK and are certain to create a .BUZZ. Even if you’re feeling a bit .BLUE, you’ll be able to compensate with some .BLACK, .PINK or .RED.


Our case is a simple one. Allow us to take your .WEBSITE to the next level. It’s a certain way to .INSURE the continued .LIFE and success of your internet based .INVESTMENTS. We could be the .GIFT that your website deserves. Join the .CLUB together with FXDomains and find out which new domain extensions suit you the best. You can .REST easy, we’ve got you covered.