Website Design Service

Our Dream design team is ready for you! For a fixed price per month.

A website is the virtual ‘face’ of your business. Making sure that your virtual visitors can find everything they need here, and find it easily, is critical to business success. Your website also needs to function as the hub where your customers, both existing and future ones, can interact with you, get information about your products, get updates about them and much more. In short, your business website needs to be a dynamic, user friendly, interactive destination that has both the content and the tools that your visitors seek and has an appealing design that attracts new visitors as well. With’s website design services, you can create the perfect website that fulfills all these criteria.

Translating Your Vision into Reality

As a business owner you have some ideas on what you want in your website. Whether it pertains to the look and feel of the site or its functionality and performance, let us know what your ideas are. It is our job to create a website that delivers exactly what you need and more. You can outline your needs to us through an online interview. As we progress with the website designing you can keep track of what’s happening with 24/7 access to your Design Manager. We welcome your feedback on the work- in- progress at all times and are happy to incorporate any changes.

30 Minutes of Updates per Month

Keeping your site fresh and updated is critical to retain audience attention. With’s Website Design Services, you are entitled to 30 minutes worth of updates month after month. No need to set aside a time from your busy schedule every month to update your site. Our Website design services package also includes monthly updates for the professionally designed Facebook page we set up for your site.

All Inclusive Package

What you pay for your website design services covers much more than just the designing and development aspects. Have your website designed to your specifications, set it up and get it running online and ensure that it remains online and functional without paying extra for each of these elements. We have different packages to suit different business needs with pricing to match so that small and big businesses can pick and choose the website design package that makes the most business sense for them.

How Does our Website Design Service Work?

When we undertake a new website designing project, we follow a structured process that progresses along the following lines:

Step 1: Discuss your ideas, requirements for the site, outline your views on which of our 3000+ design/ color combinations to base the site design on

Step 2: The design process begins and within two/ four weeks of having received content from your end, your site is ready for review

Step 3: Once we get your approval, the site is checked at our end to ensure all of the components are in order and then it goes live.

At any time during the process, just call us to clarify doubts or to make changes to the design template and we will be happy to do it for you. Subsequent updates can be made as part of our monthly 30 minutes of free updates offer.
All features
  • FREE Hosting: 50 GB disk space & 1,000 GB bandwidth
  • FREE 1,000 email accounts
  • FREE 24/7 Support
  • FREE Website Editor – easily make updates yourself
  • Fast turnaround
  • 30 minutes of updates per month
Standard $47.49/m
  • 5-page website
  • 3,000+ design & color combinations
  • Fast! Ready in as little as 2 weeks
  • 30 minutes of updates per month
Premium $85.49/m
  • 20-page website
  • Custom design with your logo and images
  • 1-on-1 consultation with your graphic designer
  • Fast! Launch in just 4 weeks
  • Priority updates, 30 minutes/mo