Deluxe Domain Registration

Drive traffic to your site - and keep your personal information private!

Do you want to drive additional internet traffic to your website but keep all your personal information private? offers deluxe domain registration that is guaranteed to make your website visible to everyone who conducts searches for your domain name on the Whois database while safeguarding private information.

Why you need deluxe domain registration

Once you opt for our deluxe domain registration services, rest assured that the hits and visitors to your website will increase exponentially. We provide you with complete online listing with business registration that is included in our deluxe registration services. Your website, domain name, email addresses, phone number, etc. will be available to anyone who is looking for your domain name via the Whois database. This truly opens up an additional channel through which potential customers can find your website.

Worried that registering your domain name and listing your information online could compromise security? No need, because we include private domain registration as part of your deluxe domain registration. Although personal information is required to be published publicly as per the ICANN, we will help you keep your information private by using Domain by Proxy. This allows you to register anonymously. When you opt for private registration, your private information will not be made public. Read more about private registration.

Choose deluxe domain registration by

Take a look at our deluxe domain registration services and it will become quite clear that engaging our services is a wise decision.

  • Deluxe domain registration includes business registration and private registration so you can hide your personal information from malicious web user, spammers and hackers to prevent online attacks. Your phone number, name and other personal information will be securely hidden round the clock. Essentially, you have total control over who contacts you and when!
  • Know the worth of your domain name! When you decide to sell your domain name, we will inform you about the current value of your domain name so that you can get the best deal.
  • Your place of business will be marked on a detailed online map for everyone to see!
  • Deluxe registration includes redesigned business card and Whois screens that are bound to give your brand a more professional yet attractive image.
  • Deluxe registration allows you to list important company information – phone numbers, physical address, hours of operation, company logo, company bio, etc. – right on the front page as business card-style listings.
  • Best of all – deluxe registration provides web traffic statistics and rankings, appraisal information, domain name auctions and a screen shot of your website.
  • You get a description field when you choose deluxe registration to describe special offers, add your own comments and add coupons, which are bound to attract more customers.
  • You can organize multiple listings from one screen.
  • All your business information is presented in a very searchable format to increase the number of hits and visitors.
  • Most importantly, deluxe domain registration from is available for only $5.94/year and is available for new, existing or transferred domains.
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Deluxe Domain registration is an Add-On product to your domain registration. This means that the price of the actual domain registration is not included. Deluxe Domain registration and your actual domain registration can be renewed separately, or you can choose not to renew this product but still renew your domain registration
Deluxe registration $5.94/y
Normal price: $11.94
    • Includes private registration
    • Includes Business registration
    • Available for new, transferred, or existing domains