Domain Forwarding & Masking

Always free!

Forwarding and masking are always free with every domain name your register with!

Domain name forwarding

Forwarding a domain name means that if someone types in your domain name, it will forward automatically to another domain name (read: website) that you can set in the domain name control panel. This will allow you to easily point several domain names to one single website and to do this the proper way – meaning – with a 301 redirect (this is the kind of redirect that Google and other search engines like). So do you own ‘’ but also ‘’ and ‘myname’info’ ? Then easily forward the .net and .info domains to the .com website. No need to create multiple website or buy 3 hosting accounts.

And the cost for forwarding? With always $0.00, zilch, nothing at all.

Domain name masking

Masking a domain name means that you have the possibility to show the content of any other website – but under your domain name!
So if you own ‘’ – but like to show the content of ‘’ – you can with masking – while still showing your visitors ‘’ in their address bar!
This feature allows you to keep your domain name registration in full view of your visitors – but show the content of another website.
And the cost of masking? With always $0.00, zilch, nothing at all.