Premium DNS

Reliable and secure DNS hosting

What good is your website if visitors can’t reach it? Premium DNS makes it easy to resolve common issues that prevent people from accessing your site, improving your overall performance, availability and security.

Faster performance, 99.999%† reliability!

With our advanced Anycast DNS Network, you can be sure that your customers can find your site fast and reliably. The DNS infrastructure uses a comprehensive, geographically distributed network of DNS servers to maximize DNS performance for all regions in the world.

Reduce “website not found” errors

With an unreliable DNS system, your visitors can encounter a “Website not found” error which might make your visitors think that your website is no longer there. The cause of this error is, in 30% of the cases, a DNS server that fails to respond to a DNS request.

Includes Secondary DNS

Premium DNS provides a secondary DNS to deliver your domain name and keep your website accessible, even when for whatever reason, your primary DNS server fails.

DNSSEC  – Advanced Secure DNS included ^

All DNS systems worldwide have the same vulnerability – hackers can redirect your visitors to a malicious website or intercept their personal information. Premium DNS uses advanced DNSSEC security to protect your site and your visitors from these kinds of attacks.

Easy to use, yet powerful

Making changes to DNS is usually not that simple if you are not a system administrator. However, we did everything we could to make the Premium DNS dashboard as easy to use as possible and allow even a novice to manage and make updates to your DNS. If you’re an advanced user, you can drill down with more technical features. You can also get 24/7 access to expert support from certified DNS professionals.

Works with any budget

Only FXDomains offers the most comprehensive solution on the market at such an affordable price


All features
  • Advanced reporting & log tracking
  • Templates for easy DNS updating
  • Easy-to-use online dashboard
  • Built-in error checking
  • 24/7 direct access to DNS experts
  • Applies to ALL domains in your account
Premium DNS $2.99/m
  • Unlimited domains for one low price
  • Secure your DNS with DNSSEC^
  • Always online with Secondary DNS
  • 99.999%† uptime guarantee