Private domain registration

Protect your personal information with a private domain registration

Prefer to keep your personal information away from the public eye? Is safeguarding your privacy online a top priority? can help. We offer private domain name registration to anyone who wishes to conduct business online without having to reveal personal details to the million-odd web user base.

A closer look at private domain registration

After you register your domain name, your name, address, phone number and email address become immediately accessible online. In fact, this personal information can be viewed by any web user in the WHOIS directory, a publically-accessible platform that ICANN expects all registrars to maintain. It all boils down to an issue of internet privacy – if you are concerned that you could be the target of malicious hackers, junk mail, internet scamsters or even just marketing groups, you may want to explore the option of private domain registration.

When you buy an anonymous domain registration, your existing/new domain WHOIS records are changed / set to a generic company name in the public WHOIS database. The name is not listed in your name but under Domains by Proxy. Your personal information stays private and you can also manage your domain easily. It works pretty much like any registered domain – you can choose to cancel, transfer or sell it. You stay in complete control of your domain name!

Why should you choose

Here are some reasons why engaging our services makes good business sense.

  • We have been successfully providing private domain registration to happy customers for a long time. With keen industry knowledge and years of experience, we are well-poised to offer you reliable, results-oriented solutions.
  • We make it a point to educate our customers about various options and leave the decision-making entirely up to them. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not have lock-in contracts or hidden charges.
  • We are always looking at ways to offer compelling extras as part of your plan. If you register 5 or more domain names, you get private domain registration absolutely free! Otherwise, we charge only $1.95/year per domain name.
  • Manage all correspondence to your registered domain name easily with patented email and registration systems.
  • Get secure domain registration and enjoy peace of mind knowing that it is insured against any risk of loss.
FXDomains offers a comprehensive range of services, from domain registration, renewal and transfer to web hosting, SSL and ecommerce products.
All features
  • To guard against spam
  • As a protection against hackers
  • To keep data miners away
  • Avoid being the target of focus marketing groups
  • Closely protect sensitive business activities
Private Registration $1.95/y
Normal price: $7.95
Get Private Domain registration for free when you order 5 or more eligable domain names on the same order.
Private domain registrations will renew at the normal price at time of renewal so it's beneficial to lock in this offer by registering for mulitple years.