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Domain extension .AMSTERDAM

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands is not only the capital of the Netherlands but also the capital of the world when it comes to liberalness and having fun without the intervention of the government. This has made it a hotspot for people who want to let their hair down without looking over their shoulders. Tourism is a major draw for the city but a great number of the people flying in are not even coming there for the first time and this only outlines the great appeal the city holds. There are a slew of five star hotels ready to burst open with all of their exquisite pleasures. The city is one of great cultural heritage and can be explored and enjoyed as it is. The reasons above make it a no brainer for anyone looking to sell Amsterdam’s appeal to purchase the .AMSTERDAM domain extension. This domain extension is a great way to advertise the city in just one word. Any visitor to your website will expect that you’re an authority on the subject and would not be afraid to return to site when it’s clear you actually are. So if you want to embody the freedom found in Amsterdam and all the delights it brings, there’s no better way to do this than to use the actual name, .AMSTERDAM. Enough talk, time for action. Get the .AMSTERDAM domain extension now.