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Domain extension .ASSOCIATES

Associates are professional and registered members of a recognised professional association. There are a virtually endless number of professional associations all over the world right now and many of them are formed with similar interests but competing agendas.  Suppose you are faced with the decision of choosing which association to join at the expense of the other. Suppose you have no prior information about either association that could swing your choice in either direction, then something as “insignificant” as the name of the association’s website may be all it takes to sway you in favour of one over the other. This is where the .ASSOCIATES domain extension comes in. This new domain is now available for customers with association websites that may be involved in fields like, engineering, accounting, medicine, law, etc. All associations, as diverse as they may be, have one thing in common; they are avenues for similarly trained professionals to meet, socialize, connect, interact, communicate and network, and what better way than on a website that uses a domain extension they can all relate to? You don’t even need to be a professional association and could easily be an association with members that share a common goal such as the preservation of wild life and forests or one that advocates freedom of expression. As long as there is a coming together of people with common goals, an association is born and what that association needs is an .ASSOCIATES domain extension. Get the .ASSOCIATES extension today.