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Domain extension .BAR

Customers looking for a bar would be very much helped with this extension. Unless of course they prefer a .PUB! Shaken or stirred? Whatever your preference, you’ll probably want to look for it in a bar. Imagine living in an online world and you were searching for a drink; would you go to a building with a neon sign that said .COM or you would go to the one that said .BAR? Yep, that’s right! You would choose .BAR. Here, we present you with an opportunity to do just that by acquiring a .BAR domain extension that will make those people looking for the perfect cocktail gravitate to your website. It would only be the natural thing to do because we have it on good authority that the barmen at those .COM establishments can’t mix a Bloody Mary to save their lives. So, if you are into the business of making cocktails, drinking cocktails or entertaining other people who drink cocktails, perhaps in a night club or a party house, as long as you’re anyway involved in sweet delicious cocktails, this is the extension you need to increase your customer stream. If you want to be the best at what you do, bar none (pun intended), or you’re already the best and want to take things to the next level, slap on this .BAR domain to your website and watch the tips roll in. Get the .BAR domain extension today.