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Domain extension .BIZ

.BIZ The .BIZ domain is ideal for e-commerce and online business sites. The domain provides the distinct identity that your business needs in order to succeed. You can show to the world that you mean business through your URL that stands out. Apart from .BIZ attracting more business prospects, it will also give you the visibility among investors and media that you need most. Anyone around the world can register for a .BIZ domain and there are no restriction on it. Why .BIZ
  • BIZ ensures that your domain name won’t be “hijacked” — and doesn’t make changes to your site until you say so.
  • With .BIZ domain, you do not have the usual 72 hours’ wait for web-address activation. It offers real-time registration allowing you to be open for business instantaneously.
  • .BIZ allows you to place your name at the center of the business community, rightly where it belongs, which makes this domain so valuable.
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