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Domain extension .CAFE

We all know how important coffee is to the sanctity of daily life, and how society would be a murderous, apocalyptic tundra if we didn’t have our favorite coffee shops there to deliver that hot live giving nectar to wake us up every morning. Your cafe is part of someone’s daily routine, you are a staple to the community! Make your website as cozy and welcoming as your freshly-baked croissants and Colombian dark roasts with the .CAFE domain extension. The .CAFE domain extension is unique and will drastically broaden your customer base. People hear about your coffee through word of mouth, or find your shop by walking by it on the street. The .CAFE domain extension opens up a whole new way to advertise something that historically has been limited to word of mouth, and being stumbled upon. .CAFE distinguishes your shop from all the others in the neighborhood, who merely have unattended .COM web pages. Your .CAFE domain will implore people to check in to see what the Daily Roast is, what the new specials are, and when the next Open Mic is. It’s incredibly shareable, and sounds as smooth and silky as a mocha laté. Prevent the apocalypse (we REALLY don’t want that) and help people find your site and indulge in your coffee as easily and memorably as possible with the .CAFE extension.