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Domain extension .CARE

Show the world you care with a .CARE domain extension. Who cares? Not many people these days. Those who care and give care are like an endangered species in the world we live in now. This is why it is unacceptable for care to be denied to others simply because they did not know where to find it. The .CARE domain extension is capable of avoiding just that because it can become like a beacon, a neon sign that makes you easily reachable to people who could use the services you have to offer. Whether you are a medical establishment or a charity organization that offers medical attention and supplies to less fortunate people or even a home that takes care of the elderly or abandoned children, the .CARE domain will perfectly serve your purposes. It would enable you not only to easily reach and in turn be reachable to those who need to be cared for, but it also makes you accessible to more people who would like to donate to your cause and provide financial support so that you can better do the things you are already doing. The domain costs little and can be set up very quickly and you could fast track all the things that have to do with your online presence so that you can quickly get to doing the thing that matters the most…….which is caring.