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Domain extension .CLINIC

The .CLINIC domain extension is now available for healthcare providers who wish to extend their reach to more people. A clinic or a facility that provides clinical services should by default be readily accessible to all. We all know most of the world’s interactions nowadays take place online so it is vital to have an internet presence if your business is to thrive. In order to make you and your website even more accessible, the .CLINIC extension will enhance your website’s visits and percentage selection because you will stand out among other websites that may have been searched through. The .ClINIC domain offers a lot of advantages some of which includes:
  • You will be easier to find as .CLINIC already tells the story of what services you have to offer
  • The extension is easy to recall for those that find themselves requiring your services. This ensures that once a user uses your site for the first time, he or she is likely to remember it for a considerable while longer than average and consequently return anytime he or she finds the need to
  • A .CLINIC domain name is inexpensive and setup costs are infinitesimal compared to the benefits you stand to gain by registering it.
So, give your website the first aid it probably needs and get a .CLINIC extension today!