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Domain extension .CO.NZ

.CO.NZ is a second level domain that is intended for the use of businesses and individuals belonging to New Zealand for various commercial purposes. It is regulated by NZ Registry Services, which is a subsidiary of InternetNZ and is not restricted for use based upon any conditions.  

Why .CO.NZ?

  • .CO.NZ is a popular domain extension used in New Zealand.
  • .CO.NZ is an ideal choice for businesses and individuals to reach out to the vast internet user base in New Zealand.
  • .CO.NZ is also ideal for individuals and businesses that operate at a local capacity in New Zealand.
  • .CO.NZ is the best way to demonstrate your 'kiwi' pride to a global audience.
  • .CO.NZ can help you keep competitors and cyber squatters from hijacking the popularity of your brand and your domain.
  A .CO.NZ is the most popular domain extension in New Zealand and it is also well recognized by Kiwis as an extension that truly defines the spirit that is New Zealand. It is also accepted globally and is essential to market your products and services to New Zealanders. The unrestricted policy for registering .CO.NZ domains makes it even more easy and important for businesses to make use of this domain.