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Domain extension .COACH

Here’s a riddle for those who love riddles. What does a great team and a first class trains have in common? We’ll give you a couple seconds. If you said they both train hard, then we would salute your humor and creativity but sadly that’s not what we were gunning for. Great teams and first class trains both have fantastic coaches. Much ado about coaches did you say? Au contraire! Now that the .COACH domain extension is here, coaches and everything that has to do with coaching has received a gigantic makeover that will change the way coaching and coaches are exposed to the public. If you are a personal trainer or a motivational speaker who delivers food for the soul, the .COACH domain name will be right up your alley. If you an actual coach that coaches teams and want to have a website to sell yourself and your accomplishments with, this domain is definitely for you. ? Do you deal with educating people about healthy lifestyle, eating right and regular exercise? Or maybe you are a gym looking to connect with your customers online and attract new ones. If you are an expert at anything and would like to develop the business of teaching, tutoring and mentoring others, this is the domain extension with which you can make yourself visible to the internet world. So what are you waiting for? Get a .COACH domain name today.