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Domain extension .DOG

$69.99 ~ $55.99/y
If you are an animal lover, you’ll know that all animals are special and unique in their own ways. But you’ll also know that there’s something extra unique about dogs. Maybe it’s in the way their ears flinch when they see you in distress or maybe it’s in the way their tail wagging wags their whole rear end whenever you get back from work and they are happy to see you. Maybe it’s their submissive whimper after they’ve been bad and you’re mad that just breaks your heart. Dogs, are indeed special and are probably the most empathetic and intuitive of all animals known to man. It’s no wonder they’re man’s best friend.   All the above is not just talk, it’s utterly true. This is why we think dogs deserve a domain name of their own where dog lovers can convene and do dog related things from organizing competitions, to beauty pageants to finding a home for lost or abandoned dogs. There are no prizes for guessing what the domain extension is; it’s .DOG. It’s just perfect. Even corporate entities can get in on the act and use the domain name to sell dog paraphernalia and dog food. It will prove to be an effective way of getting through to dog lovers and making them choose one brand over the other and sticking with that choice. We invite you to purchase the .DOG domain name today and you will not be sorry for doing so.