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The world is replete with high speed internet now. It is even more replete with great amounts of information and data but what it is probably most replete with is storage for all this data to be stored in. Gone are the days of “you snooze, you lose”. Rarely do people watch anything live anymore as they prefer to record things to watch at their own convenience. We DOWNLOAD things now. There are countless torrent sites and download servers all over the internet and all this is just to feed the never ending insatiable demand to own data by downloading it. If your business is involved in the transfer and storage of big data, then the .DOWNLOAD domain extension is the extension you’ve been waiting for. It is a very neat way to publicize your expertise without seeming like a cheesy torrent site that is awash with viruses and evil hackers waiting to pounce and steal all your money. It is equally suitable for companies dealing in the sale of physical storage devices like hard drives, USB drives etc. This domain name lends you a big dollop of trustworthiness and legitimacy that money ordinarily can’t buy. It also means people will shun your sketchy competitors and perch on your website where it is safe and easy. You will be cornering the market in no time by taking this shrewd decision. The .DOWNLOAD extension is really a no-brainer and we expect you to take hold of this opportunity instantly.