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Lights, camera, action! Film is a form of art, a record of history, and a wonderful escape into our wildest fantasies. But if you are in the film industry, you know that it is a harsh, competitive, lawless world. No matter how good your creations or skills are, having your work found can be a pretty difficult task. There is an abounding amount of talent that gets lost in a sea of people who all want to make it to the big time. The .FILM domain extension sets you apart from the madness, and makes your work seem instantly more legitimate. Having the .FILM domain gains you access to a wider community of filmmakers and film watchers. It’s professional, smooth, and can elevate your portfolio to those employers who are sifting through the plethora of talented individuals day after day. If you are a filmmaker, your greatest desire is to make something that people will watch, enjoy and remember. But there are an astounding amount of steps and speed bumps along the way to really succeeding in doing what you love. The .FILM domain is one simple way you can get your work found faster, and by a larger audience. These are all reasons why you need that little something to smoothen the way for you and clear the path. Get the .FILM extension today, make that road to the red carpet just a little bit easier and a little less rocky.