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Domain extension .GRATIS

There are a lot of businesses and online shops that operate giveaways and want to show customer appreciation but are unable to find a good domain for their website. They end up applying for old and typical website domains that is very unlikely to be remembered by more than a handful of customers and in the long run make their project null and pointless. The .GRATIS is here to save the day and is a perfect domain for such purposes like this as it delivers the perfect message for anyone who wants to offer perks gratis to customers and for any kind of business that wants to provide any product or service with the major aim of brand promotion. A great idea is to use it as an extension to a current webpage to make a great impression on the visitors. You can also promote freebies and special events or coupons on the website using this domain extension. Besides that, there is a lot more you can do on .GRATIS extension such as using it to distribute open source softwares and other different kinds of services offered for free on the internet. This domain is also suitable if you are running a campaign or an ecommerce store. So what are you waiting for? This domain is up for grabs, don’t miss out!