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Domain extension .GREEN

$99.99 ~ $79.99/y
Are you on a mission to save the world, one plastic bottle at a time? Is your life’s goal to make the air cleaner, streets prettier, and maybe even prevent the ocean from swallowing Manhattan in the next fifty years? Well, your mission is a noble one, and boy we hope people listen to you. It’s not always easy to get your message out, especially when there is still a debate about whether the climate is changing. Your message is more important than ever, and we think we can help you get it out there. The .GREEN domain extension can help your organization, business, or website find as many do-gooders or deniers as possible. There are millions of people wanting to help the cause and save Manhattan from its watery future. .GREEN will make your site super easy to find. “Green” has become synonymous with smarter solutions, social awareness, and being nicer to our big blue rock. By having the .GREEN extension, your site is immediately equated with this mission. .GREEN is sharable and enticing to click on. You will see a higher volume of traffic to your site, and more people and organizations sharing your page. When the name of the game is social awareness, having the .GREEN extension is a huge step to reaching as many people as possible. Don’t let Manhattan sink into the ocean. Get the .GREEN extension today.