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Domain extension .INSTITUTE

Whether it is applying to college, or finding the right medical information online, users often struggle to find what they are looking for, in the context of all the information available on the Internet. Individuals spend inordinate amounts of time on the web simply searching for the right information or the right websites that can help them, either with a medical issue, or a career-related one. Fortunately, with the brand new .INSTITUTE top level domain name, this can soon be a thing of the past. The .INSTITUTE domain name is perfect for universities or medical research facilities looking to communicate their services to the online community. By purchasing a .INSTITUTE domain name, such organizations can immediately showcase their range of services, and any relevant information to users, without having the online community sift through pages and pages of search results. Moreover, the .INSTITUTE domain name requires organizations to adhere to stringent protocols, thereby automatically giving them a professional image that many other cannot compete with. This is particularly important for medical institutions as it allows them to gain immense credibility among individuals in search of high quality treatment. Whether you are operating a medical institution or a university, purchase a .INSTITUTE domain name today!