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Domain extension .LA

$39.99 ~ $31.99/y
There is only one city called the city of angels. The home of Hollywood and all the glitter and pizzazz that brings. The entertainment capital of the whole entire world. Los Angeles, LA for short is a name that sells itself and why change a winning formula? No reason, that’s why. So if your business or interests have anything to do with this fabulous city, there’s no better way to capture the attention of the public than by selling them the brand itself and this brand is the LA brand. We present to you the .LA domain extension, an extension that was created with you in mind. No need to go for the stock .COM and such anymore and now you can directly represent exactly what you want to represent. The domain name is short and doesn’t take the shine out of the name of your website but it is prominent enough not to be forgotten in a hurry. It’s very catchy and one can imagine a time when people will be using the domain name just for the commercial appeal and not that they even have anything to do with LA. So why not get ahead of the crowd and subscribe for the domain name as soon as you can. Make your website stand apart from the pack exactly like LA stands apart from the pack by using the .LA domain name today.