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Domain extension .LIMO

The term ‘LIMO’ is essentially an abbreviated version of ‘Limousine’. Limousines are luxury vehicles that are often used for private taxi services. While hiring a limousine is certainly more expensive than a regular taxi, what it does enable you to do is make a grand entrance. Whether you are simply looking to celebrate in the most decadent way possible, or make an impression on a potential business associate, a limousine is a fantastic way to achieve this. There is an array of taxi services nowadays that do offer limousine services as well. However, if you are looking to start a luxury service with limousines, one of the finest ways to stand apart from ordinary taxi services is to purchase a .LIMO domain name. The limousine service industry is an extremely lucrative one, so creating your own presence online, can do wonders for your business. A .LIMO domain name is perfect for luxury taxi services simply because it communicates exactly what your business will provide. Users will be able to identify your luxury car service immediately, as conveniently as possible. Even if limousines are just a part of the services you offer, you are still excellently placed to purchase .LIMO domain name. Securing a .LIMO domain name not only gives off a professional image, but will ensure that your service stays memorable among your customers. So what are you waiting for? Get a .LIMO domain name today and drive your business on the path of success.