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Domain extension .MX

.MX is the official top level domain extension for Mexico. It is regulated by NIC Mexico and is open to registrations from anybody irrespective of their origin or geographic location. .MX does not contain any additional charges or ICANN fees. The domain was originally intended for the use of individuals and businesses that are connected to Mexico but no regulation is imposed on the registration of .MX domain extension.  

Why .MX?

  • .MX is a top level domain for Mexico and is very popular in Mexico.
  • .MX allows you to create a custom made site specially for your Spanish speaking Mexican audience.
  • .MX is ideal for any business or individuals that are interested in reaching out to the Mexican audience.
  • .MX is the ideal way to show the world of your rich Mexican culture and heritage.
  • By registering with a .MX domain extension, you can make sure that your brand's popularity will not be misused by competitors and cyber squatters.
  .MX is widely accepted and a well known domain extension in Mexico. With over 400,000 registered domains, the .MX extension is quickly gaining popularity. Register today and be a part of this quickly growing internet user base of Mexico.