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Domain extension .RECIPES

Food has long been a common factor that unites communities and people throughout the world. Cooking is recognized as a unifying activity across the globe that connects families, neighborhoods, communities, regions and countries together. Traditional recipes passed on through generations, act as windows into the immense history and culture of the place and people. The exchange and sharing of recipes has always brought people close, swapping recipes with your neighbors and friends is a grand gesture that forms special bonds. The age old tradition of trading recipes has leaped boundaries in the virtual medium with numerous internet portals and websites dedicated to cuisine. The web is now the first place people turn to when looking for recipes and to learn more about cooking. Share your experiences; .RECIPES is the perfect domain name for those interested in creating a defined platform to exchange cooking information online. Attract people with a penchant for food immediately through a .RECIPES domain name. An ideal extension for cooking blogs, chat, forums, review and opinion web pages, a .RECIPES name will single you out from the rest of the crowd and define your commitment and dedication to excellence in food. Professional chefs looking to share their wealth of information can do so through a .RECIPES domain. Widen and increase the globalization of cooking recipes or tips with a .RECIPES domain name.