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Domain extension .SCIENCE

$39.99 ~ $31.99/y
Science is fascinating. It’s enlightening, it’s mind-blowing and it’s inspiring! Whether you are a kid finding out how a magnet works for the first time, or an apathetic high schooler realizing that biology is actually super cool, or a gilded professional publishing their findings in national magazines, science is the driving force behind our society and ignites our imaginations. And when you learn something super cool or game changing, what’s the first thing you want to do? Well, first, maybe verify your findings in some cases, but actually all you want to do is you want to share it with the rest of the world or the science community at least! The .SCIENCE domain extension allows you to channel your excitement and your discoveries to a huge community of scientists, enthusiasts, and fascinated young people. The .SCIENCE extension speaks for itself, and can be a very important step to making your business, organization, or forum an established web presence. When we talk about science, we are talking about finding answers. And finding answers requires ideas, ideas from all over the world. This domain extension opens you up to a worldwide network of thinkers and discoverers that can contribute their knowledge by simply visiting your sleek .SCIENCE domain page. The .SCIENCE domain name is simple, eloquent, and as enticing as the subject it represents. Get your nerd on and get the .SCIENCE domain extension today.