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Domain extension .TEAM

There’s no I in TEAM, they say. Very true. There’s also 21 other letters that aren’t in TEAM. We wonder what that means. But! We digress. A team is obviously something of great importance and camaraderie. It’s a concept that can forge bonds that can last a lifetime. Even people who are not directly in a team feel a great connection to them by lending their support and sometimes these fans are even more emotionally invested that the members of the team. What all this tells us is that the power of a team is great indeed. So why not tap into that power by subscribing to the .TEAM domain extension? If you have anything to do with anything remotely team-like, this may be the extension you’ve been waiting for to take you to the next level. Teams are built on long term trust and consistency. You can rest assured that with a domain name like this one, you will build a long term and consistent follower base that will associate your website with their team and won’t defect. They will recruit new customers on your behalf and you can have a self-sustaining model without doing any work whatsoever. All we ask is, please have a great team in mind! Even not so great teams have their loyal followers but a great team would be child’s play. All you need to do is subscribe to the .TEAM domain extension today and you can sit back, relax and watch your company grow.