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Domain extension .TOKYO

$16.99 ~ $13.59/y
Tokyo is one of the most important cities on earth. A completely modern city with skyscrapers and a flood of neon lights which is not lacking in character too as it is replete with culture and heritage; the great city in the land of the rising sun. This is why if your business has anything to do with Tokyo you would do very well by associating yourself with this incredible city. And how can you do this, did we hear you ask? Well, the answer is simple: by choosing to use the .TOKYO domain extension. It seems simple right? It is actually that simple. All you have to do is register the .TOKYO domain and you’re all set to tap into the wealth of business opportunities that will spring from that singular business decision. If you are a company involved in showcasing the sights and sounds of Tokyo in particular, you would be best served with this domain. If you’re a company headquartered in Tokyo, you would really be amiss if you don’t take advantage of this domain. If your organization is a governmental one that has everything to do with the city of Tokyo, this domain extension would be just the perfect thing for you. The list would seem to go on and on and we are perfectly willing to leave the reasons why you need this domain to your discretion. But we urge you to take advantage today!