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Domain extension .TOYS

Old or young, everybody loves their toys. From firetrucks to iphones, this is the extension to use! Will somebody please think of the children?! Finally a domain extension for children, the .TOYS extension is now available and ready to launch your website into a never ending story of success. The .TOYS domain sounds exciting and fun and that is exactly two of the many qualities choosing this extension will bring to your website. It’d be like a stroke of genius but it is not. It would simply be good thinking. Kids these days are getting increasingly precocious and technology savvy. It is not odd for a 7 year old to be browsing the internet and if they find something they want on the internet, that is what their parents will get. So, as a company with vested interest in the business of toys, would you rather be the website the kids find or the one they don’t? Of course you’d want to be the top of the pile. The .TOYS extension offers you this and more. Not only 7 year olds play with toys however and you target market can actually span a very wide range even up to men well in their forties who are young at heart. There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose with a .TOYS domain. If you’re in the business of making and/or selling toys and anything that brings fun and laughs, getting a .TOYS extension is like fitting a round Lego peg into a round Lego hole. A perfect fit!