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Domain extension .VOTE

One of the most important inventions of mankind is actually not a physical thing but an idea. It is an idea that has swept across the world like wildfire and is the agent of change and progress in the modern world. This ideology is called Democracy. It grants every adult man and woman the right to have a say in his or her own destiny. It grants them the power to rise to any station in life secure in the knowledge that all man is equal. To exercise this right is only made possible by the mechanism of voting and this is why we bring to you the .VOTE domain extension. Democracy is used not only with partisan politics as it is evident that there is politics in every sphere of living and even in your offices and schools and religious organizations. All these places involve people exercising their right to choose those that they wish to represent them and their interests and there is no better way to publicize this opportunity than by using a website with a .VOTE domain extension. So now, you can use this extension for all public opinion poll websites and not to mention for actual remote voting for government or private websites to enable people who are unable to physically vote to be able to cast their ballot. Get the .VOTE today and make your opinion count. To register a .vote domain name, you will be asked to agree in the Domain Registration Agreement the .vote eligibility requirements. If your domain name(s) contains the name of an individual or organization, then you will agree that: 1. You are legally authorized to buy the domain name(s) on behalf of the named individual or organization, and 2. You will use the domain name(s) to support the named individual or organization If you violate either #1 or #2, your domain name(s) may be suspended or deleted.