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Domain extension .WORK

$9.99 ~ $7.99/y
Chances are you are reading this from your office at work. Most of humanity has some work to do. Even the kids who seem not to have work are actually going to work every time they go to school. They just aren’t getting paid to do so. So we here at FX Domains, being the hard workers that we are decided to make a domain extension that reflects our work ethic, the .WORK domain name. This domain can be used by anyone or any organization that is proud of what they do and perhaps want to showcase it to the world. Organizations such as NGOs or other private or government bodies can use the .WORK domain extension for their websites or to detail their achievements and plans for the future. For other more personal endeavors, like artists and musicians or any sort of creative person, the .WORK domain extension may be used to set up a website showcasing a compilation of the person’s body of work very much like an online portfolio where the website’s visitors can have an idea of what to expect from such a person. This domain name would be a great way to engage with potential customers as they can be offered services and such right from the website in case they want to take their interest further. Sign up for the .WORK today and start to enjoy the fruits of your labor.