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Domain extension .WS


No other domain says "website" so clearly.

.WS can be a great domain extension for your upcoming website. It can even be used as an extension to your current domain name that you have already registered. Just like .COM, the .WS domain is 100% globally accessible and can be used or registered by anyone around the world without restrictions whatsoever.   Why .WS  
  • .WS gives you a unique online presence that can be easily remembered as it is the abbreviation for the word “website” and is very short.
  • You can use .WS domain to protect your website or re-present it. While .WS is a great choice for a new website, it is also a great way to protect your existing websites from copycats.
  • No matter which part of the world you live in or how you choose to use it, you can register a .WS domain without a problem.
Protecting your brand, promoting your website design skills or just wanting an original extension for your WebSite? .WS is for you!