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Domain extension .WTF

$39.99 ~ $31.99/y
Weird, True and Freaky.... Or World Taekwondo Federation... Or Wisdom, Tenacity and Focus... And of course... well.. you know... Whatever you choose, you will draw attention to your site with this great and original domain extension! What The Few successful websites among the very many know that others do not know is how to manipulate their internet popularity.  They know When To Follow trends that will shoot them into fame but not only that, they also know exactly Which Trend Facilitates a meteoric rise in the cutthroat online world. So if you ask us What’s The Fastest way to make a website go viral and have everyone jumping on it, we will answer that it is to register the website with a .WTF domain extension. It’s like you see WTF everywhere these days and speaking of days, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are not taking a back seat in the WTF carnival. Given the probable nature your website, it’s only the most sensible thing in the entire world to get a .WTF extension and really come across as you ought to because we believe you are probably Way Too Funny to be sporting the same extensions as everyone else. So really set yourself apart from the crowd and hog the spotlight you deserve by unashamedly and unabashedly and taking this opportunity and you will end up not having the Words To Fully describe the phantasmagorical awesomeness that is the .WTF domain. We may have gone a bit bananas here but if you would consider registering this domain extension, surely you will not be new to going bananas. We just want you to know that we understand what you are all about. Choose the .WTF now!