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Domain extension .ZONE

$39.99 ~ $31.99/y
One of the coolest new extensions. Get into the .ZONE! The ideal candidate if you have a chill place on the web that needs a cool name. When you think of 'zone' you imagine a place of focused energy. The urban dictionary explains 'being in the zone' as a state of consciousness where skills match the expected performance perfectly. In the context of the World Wide Web, it would mean a website concentrating on a niche theme or an ideal place to partake in a specific activity. A real estate blog with a .ZONE extension informs users that they'll find everything real estate on it. A single parent support group with this domain extension instantly inspires trust that the site is an inner circle for single parents and all issues unique to them.
  • .ZONE is a flexible extension with countless possibilities. Whether you have a beauty blog or you sell exotic lingerie online, it makes your site appear like a safe place to find exactly what users are looking for.
  • .ZONE is short and easy to remember. You have a good opportunity to create punchy and compelling addresses out of it
  • If you own a blog, a personal website or you're looking to unite audiences around a common interest, .ZONE is ideal.
Make your site stand out from the competition. Create a marketable presence. Get in the .ZONE today!