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Search available domains with traffic

With this domain search mode, you can search for domains that are not active, should be available, and have some existing traffic, based on Root DNS Data.

Simply search by keywords like 'Flowers New York' or 'Webdesign Atlanta'.

Because some registrars are holding on to domains that are officially expired, it is still possible that the domain cannot be registered.If you hit register and it shows as already registered, check the WHOIS link to find the real status of the domain.

Provides intelligent domain name suggestions for your keywords.

Bascially a domain name suggestion tool but instead of the traditional way of searching for domains (your choice is either registered or available), you can get domain suggestions based on your keywords. Use the additional filters to tweak your results.

Using a domain name for your website that contains the keywords that your customers are searching for in the search engines, might actually be beneficial to your search rankings. Looking for domain suggestions in other languages? Select the language(s) you're interested in below the filters!

Search previously registered domains (with traffic) that are about to be released for re-registration.

This search will find keyword based domains that are close to expiring. This means that the previous owner of the domain did not renew the domain.

The domains in this search result can usually not be registered right away, but it will show you when they should be released for re-registration (anywhere between somewhere today (0 days) to 5 days from now) - IF they are not renewed or extended. If you are interested in registering one of these domains, you can either try to register or purchase a backorder for the domain. This means we will attempt to register the domain for you as soon as it drops. There are no guarantees this will succeed, however, if it doesn't you can re-use the backorder on any other domain name.

Why FXDomains Suggestive™

As you probably realize, most good .COM en .NET domain names have been registered already. The traditional way of looking for available domain names to register is to think of a possible domain name, enter the domain in the availability input box with your domain registrar - and then simply find out it has already been registered. This is quite an inefficient method of searching for available domain names. With FXDomains Suggestive, you can search for available domain names by simply using keywords that are related to your business. The added advantage of using FXDomains Suggestive is that it can also show you available domain names (so available for you to register immediately) that already have some available traffic. Domains that have available traffic have usually been registered before and possibly had an existing website with traffic. Old links still pointing to the domain name from other websites might still be there and still sending traffic to that domain name. Existing traffic on a domain name might also be caused by 'Type-in' traffic or 'Typo' traffic.


What are the advantages of using Suggestive™


Available domains with traffic
  • Easily find available domain names with traffic by searching for keyword(s)
  • Get existing (Root DNS) traffic data detail per domain (click next to the domain)
  • Keyword rich domain names might be beneficial for your Search Engine rankings
  • Existing traffic to the domain name helps kickstart your business
  • Find great domains to monetize or re-sell as premium domains
  • Finds expired domains
Domain name suggestions
  • Easily find available domain name suggestions for your keywords
  • Get domain suggestions in 5 possible languages
  • Use synonyms to let the system provide you with more relevant domain suggestions for your business
  • Basically a domain name generator or domain name suggestion tool
Domains soon to be Available
  • Find domain names by keyword that will or should become available for registration within 0-5 days from now
  • Domains that show to become available today, might drop anytime, so you can already attempt to register the name or come back later today for another attempt
  • If the domain name has not yet been released for registration, you can easily purchase a back-order for the domain name, we wil then attempt to register the domain name on your behalve as soon as it becomes available. Click the 'Learn More' button on the domain search result page (the page you see when clicking 'Attempt (pre)Registration') to read more.
  • Finds expired domains or domains that are about to expire


Small print

FXDomains Suggestive is provided by FXDomains.com as a service to assist people in finding great domain names. It is provided 'as is' and by using this tool you agree that you cannot hold FXDomains.com responsible for the availability or accuracy of the service. Neither does FXDomains take any responsibility for the provided results of the tool. The Service is currently in BETA and the use of it is Rate Limited by the back-end provider of the ROOT DNS data. It is possible that the rate limit causes the service to be temporarily unavailable, if so, please try again a few minutes later.

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