Dedicated Hosting IP

Get you own unique IP address

When you have advanced hosting needs, what you need is our Dedicated Hosting IP which gives your website and your hosting account a unique IP address. That means your IP is no longer shared by other accounts on the same server. If you are gearing up for a dramatic increase in web traffic or want to obtain SSL encryption to enhance web security, consider moving to a Dedicated Hosting IP first. At FXDomains, we offer this at an amazingly affordable price.

Why do you need Dedicated Hosting IP

Today, most large websites, especially those that are ecommerce enabled, opt for dedicated hosting IPs. This unique IP ensures that your website is the only one in the virtual world that uses this number. For a business website that allows users to transact directly online, enabling financial transactions, a dedicated IP is a critical element. In fact, sites that do not have unique IP addresses cannot obtain SSL certification. Using shared IP addresses instead of dedicated onces, also carries the risk that someone else using the same IP address causes that shared IP address to be added to one of the many IP blocklists available. This has a nasty side-effect that your site, but also emails from your website, can be considered as spam by search engines and email virus scanners.

The Advantage of Dedicated Hosting IP
  • Access your website through the web or by FTP when the domain name is inaccessible. For example, during domain name propagation, you can simply go to your website by typing in the dedicated IP address instead of the actual site name. That means you are never ‘locked out’ out your website.
  • Set up advanced SSL encryption for your website and your users/ customers are sure to appreciate the extra attention you are giving to their online safety and security. Internet security is one of the biggest concerns for end users and by eliminating any risk for the customer, you establish yourself as a trustworthy business.
  • Many businesses have found that shifting to a dedicated hosting IP has improved their performance in search engine rankings when compared with shared IPs.


Please note, all our VPS and Dedicated hosting plans already come with 3 dedicated IP addresses included!
Dedicated IP Address $2.99/m
  • FTP Account Access
  • Direct access to your site
  • Enables SSL Certificates on shared hosting