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Not too long ago, the .CO domain extension was launched for general registration. Everyone can now register a .CO domain name.
The introduction of new extensions is not unique and usually does not have a lot of impact on the overall domain market, after all, .COM is the extension you really want if you are serving a global market.

When the .INFO extension was launched in 2001, it was set to be a great alternative to .COM domain names – it turned out it wasn’t really.
The problem with the .INFO domain name extension was soon to be clear. The price of .INFO was simply too low! Maybe this sounds like a strange remark to be made from a company that prides itself on offering the cheapest domain registrations around, but unfortunately, it turned out to be the case. The very low prices for .INFO domains resulted in large amounts of .INFO domains being registered by spammers who would only use the name to generate a lot of spammy link farm websites. This was quickly picked up by Google who – in response – de-valuated .INFO websites in the search results.

The .CO domain extension

.CO is the country code top-level domain assigned to the Republic of Colombia. It is administered by .CO Internet S.A.S., a strategic venture formed between Arcelandia S.A. and Neustar, Inc. Arcelandia is an entity with interests in a variety of Internet-related businesses; and Neustar is a provider of global registry and managed DNS services for top-level domains. The .co extension was approved as a global extension (to be registered by anyone) in 2010 and had since then seen a successful launch with over 600.000 names registered to date. With .COM domains closing to 80 million registered, .CO still has a way to go. This does however mean that a lot of very good domain names are still available in the .CO extension.

Why register a .CO domain?

For one, it’s a short, very memorable and recognizable domain extension and its open to anyone to use. Also think of the following; if you own a .COM domain name (which you probably do), your is only one character away from a typo! So if someone registers, your customers might accidentally arrive there instead of on your site simply by forgetting to type the last ‘m’.
So, won’t .CO not simply turn into another .INFO domain? – we don’t think so. The .CO extension was launched and priced in a way to make sure that it could serve as a ‘premium’ domain extension and a possible successor of the .COM extension. The organization administering the extension is careful in choosing its partners and managed to get some great names aboard to give the extension more recognition like Overstock ( and Twitter for its short url service ( They truly believe everything is possible:

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