Get trusted with an domains SSL certificate

Security is one of the most critical aspects to consider in any ecommerce website. Many users/ customers shy away from carrying out buying/ selling actions over the net simply because of the many risks involved in such activities. Any business that hopes to have an active ecommerce website also needs to invest adequate attention to web security and that is what SSL certification is all about. Get your SSL certification today from FXDomains and get your winning edge in the ecommerce arena.

Protect your Customers and Earn their Trust

With scores of businesses opening their doors to online shopping today, there is substantial competition in this arena. However, only those sites will succeed that can gain the trust of the shoppers and demonstrate that they are assured of a safe and secure shopping experience. Make your website a safe shopping destination for millions of savvy shoppers from across the world by obtaining your own SSL certification. Your customer will appreciate the fact that he/ she can carry out financial transactions with you online without any anxiety or risk.

Iron Clad Protection for your Website

FXDomains gives your website iron clad protection with up to 1024 bit encryption. Some certification authorities require that you pay for licensing per each server that is certified. However, at FXDomains, you enjoy unlimited usage for certificates that are comparable in all technical aspects with all other major certification authorities. World class security with immense flexibility and cost effectiveness- that’s what you get with SSL certificates. Here are some more of the features we offer:
  • 99.9% browser recognition allows you to target an enormous audience
  • Speedy certification enables you to have your safe and secure ecommerce website ready to take the market by storm in no time at all
  • Industry best support and service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Extended Validation Certification

FXDomain Premium SSL certification brings you the unique advantage of extended validation. This certification gives your website the highest level of assurance regarding the site’s security status and is much more extensive than the vetting process undertaken by any of the other certification authorities. That means your customers are extra safe when they use your ecommerce site. If you want only the best for your customers this is the perfect SSL certification for you to opt for.

The domains Cost Advantage

One of the most attractive features of an SSL certification is the pocket friendly pricing we offer. We have plans to suit all budgets with our basic (standard) plan at a very affordable price. A free malware scanner and warranty are part of the deal when you sign up for any of our SSL certification programs.
To help you save even more without compromising on your customers’ safety or security we also offer Multiple Domain certificates. Now you can secure up to 100 domain names with a single SSL certificate. Your Multiple Domain Certificates with additional domain names costs significantly less than individual certifications for each domain.
Call FXDomains today or email us to know more about how we can make your website the shopping destination of choice for discerning online shoppers. Our reliable support, market best pricing and product range have already earned us the loyalty of many successful businesses and we will be happy to add you to their ranks.