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For all our great hosting, even the shared hosting accounts, we now offer geographically targeted data centers. The best compliment to your cheap domain name. There are 3 hosting data centers available: Asia Pacific Region, European Region and the US region.

What does this mean for my hosting account?

It means FASTER hosting for your target group! Even though the internet is very fast, there is a real difference in performance if, for example, your customers are in Europe, while your hosting server is in the U.S. This has everything to do with latency and networking hops. The less hops a visitor’s browser has to follow to reach your server, the better the performance!

So how does this work?

Well, it’s quite easy. When you select a hosting account from (either shared or virtual dedicated hosting), our systems automatically determines in which region you are and selects the correct data center for your hosting order!

And By The Way…

Did you know that our shared hosting is now Cloud Hosting?
This simply means: even better performance, scalability and reliability!

Our shared hosting plans start at only $3.99.