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It is not uncommon for businesses to register multiple domain names of their brand. Purchasing URLs other than those of your company name can direct potential customers more easily to your site. One way of doing this is by using alternate names and misspellings that your target audience may use to locate your company online. Buying multiple extensions has also become a popular trend among businesses. There are many reasons why it makes good business sense to register multiple extensions for your brand domain name – here are a couple of them.


Safeguard your brand name/trademark

The simplest way to ensure that there is no domain name on the World Wide Web that matches yours, is to buy all domain extensions of your brand name. By doing this, you don’t have to worry about your competition or other unscrupulous elements from registering alternate extensions to meet their selfish goals. To explain this further, if your brand is fast-becoming well-known and many people search for it online, there is a good chance that the .net or .biz extension of your brand name may come up along with the registered .com extension. For this to happen, someone would have to develop a site around your brand name – they of course cannot do this without your consent, unless the party in question is your affiliate partner to whom you have given explicit permission to sell your offerings under an extension.


Target audiences across different locations

Several ecommerce businesses sell their services/products to a worldwide audience, irrespective of location. By registering a top-level domain name with a country code such as, .ca or .us, you can plan your website design in a way that targets various sections of your target audience based on their geographical location. This way, you can generate more targeted traffic to your site and give your conversion efforts a big boost.

Domain forwarding is one option you can try to avoid creating different sites for each of your domain extensions. Instead, you can just forward the multiple domain extensions you have registered to your primary domain extension. When a potential customer visits, and domain forwarding is enabled for your .us domain to your .com domain, the visitor will be redirected to


Don’t lose customers to your competitors

It is a common tendency for consumers to recollect the name of your brand but not your website URL. To address this issue of customers forgetting or being unsure of the domain extension, you should consider investing in multiple domain extensions. Keep the online identity of your brand secure and keep competitors from buying other extensions of your brand domain name.


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