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Domain extension .BAND

Last time I cleaned my room, or more accurately, the last time that my room was cleaned, I found a box of old cassettes with some of my favorite bands. The wave of nostalgia was great even though there was nothing with which to play the cassettes around. Wouldn’t it be great though to be able to find all of one’s favorite bands and all the information that only a true fan would want to know? I say yes! There’d be nothing sweeter. With the .BAND domain extension, this is no longer a pipe dream but a real possibility quite literally waiting within the reach of your finger tips. The .BAND domain can be used to organize a compendium of all of our favorite bands and our favorite moments with them and their history and all the fun trivia you could ever want. Fans could get together to share their memories and thoughts and ideas on websites that use these domain name. Even artists can begin to subscribe to the service as it is a real descriptive way to connect with their fans and to spread awareness in order to create more fans. The sky is the limit with this domain and along with the right content and the right audience this domain extension has the potential to be a real hit. Get a .BAND domain today!