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Domain extension .BEER

It is popularly reported that Benjamin Franklin once said or wrote: Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. What a way to describe good old booze! Frank Zappa said that every country that cannot have nuclear weapons, a national airline or a football team should at the very least have a beer. Bring loads of fun and relaxation and merry making to the people by registering a .BEER domain extension. Beer brings great memories of cold, refreshing and delicious drinking and these are the memories that will be associated with a website that sports the .BEER domain! Aye! If your business is one that has to do with booze and you want to or already have an internet presence, there’s no doubt that a .BEER extension is the no-brainer, guaranteed way to attract the most readers and make sure they keep coming back. Your readers will become regular customers and as long as you keep those “cold ones” on the horizon, you are sure to keep them coming back. Here are some great reasons why you should go with the .BEER domain over more conventional ones:
  • It ensures that once your website is found, the reader hardly forgets it and thus comes back easily.
  • To get the domain extension is easily affordable
  • With a .BEER domain, you don’t have to worry about whether your visitors are in the shape to drive
So, bottoms up! Get the .BEER domain extension now!