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Domain extension .BIO

It’s not always about you! Well, sometimes it is. If you have a biography about yourself or someone else that you want to share with people, there’s not a more memorable or unique way to do it than to use the simple, sleek, .BIO domain extension. This extension is incredibly versatile as a means to share your story or the story of others. It’s easy to remember, it looks great as a link in an email or an advertisement, and it is an outstanding way to make your website your resume! Think about it; an employer sees page after page after page of bland, structured resumes. Instead of passing along a boring, formulaic .pdf, send employers or potential clients your .BIO link, and watch the emails start rolling in. This extension exquisitely distinguishes your site from the rest, and is very clear about what it is. Your bio is all about who you are, where you have been and what you have done. You want people to become acquainted with you, know what you stand for, and want to be part of whatever it is you are doing. The .BIO is far more personal than a .COM, and will instantly establish a more intimate connection and rapport with your viewers, customers or fans. You stand out. Make sure your domain does too. Get the .BIO extension today. Of course, if you're into BIOlogically grown produce, this domain extension is a great match as well :-)