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Domain extension .BUSINESS

The .BUSINESS domain extension is just perfect for all things related to business activity, whether for a corporate body or an entrepreneur. Details such as international market data, tax information, stock market rates and quotes, mortgage rates, portfolio management resources, loans, anything at all, as long as it has something to do with doing business and the exchange of money, the .BUSINESS extension will be just right for it. You are hereby enjoined to select this domain extension for your business ventures and see how it will positively impact your website and by extension your business itself. Don’t just take our word for it, let us tell you why the .BUSINESS domain extension will be good for you:
  • Relative to the benefits you will be deriving from it, this domain is very cheap. You will basically be getting a great domain for just a little more than you would pay for the usual ones. From a business point of view, everything screams to buy this extension.
  • It is generic but still manages to be unique. The fact that business covers a terribly wide range of things means that you can hardly go wrong by choosing this domain for your business interests.
  • The business world is a dog eat dog one and you will not be amiss with any little edge you have over your competitors. The .BUSINESS domain will grant you this edge.
Convinced yet? We reckon so. Be a shrewd businessperson and get the .BUSINESS domain now!