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Domain extension .BZ

$24.99 ~ $12.99/y
The domain extension .BZ is a country code top level domain that refers to the country of Belize. The domain is currently being administered by the university of Belize. The extension is very popular in Belize as well as in Italy for several reasons. It was formerly being marketed for business websites globally. Businesses that are interested in reaching out to the audience in Belize can use the extension to their advantage.  

Why .BZ?

  • .BZ is recognized globally and is also easy to remember
  • .BZ can be used as the abbreviation for business as well as buzz.
  • .BZ can be used to connect to a wide audience in Europe.
  • .BZ can help you get exposure to the internet community present in Belize and market your brand locally.
  • .BZ can also help you avoid any competitor making use of the popularity of your brand by blocking your .BZ domain.
  A large quantity of .BZ registrations are used as business site. Off late, there have been certain sites that use .BZ as an abbreviation for the word buzz. Other than this, the domain extension is also popular in Italy as an abbreviation of the Italian word Bolzano and also referring to South Tyrol whose official abbreviation also happens to be BZ.