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Domain extension .CHAT

If there is anything the modern world has taught us, it is that people love to talk and they love to talk using their phones. A lot of very good friends have not even met each other or heard each other’s voices. This is the power of chat and it has permeated every facet of our lives. The World Wide Web is littered with chat sites, forums, and message boards that all blend together. It’s hard to distinguish which of the jabber to tune into. But, in this world of innumerable .COMs, there is one way to elevate a chat website above the rest, and that, is through the .CHAT domain extension. The extension is slick, catchy, and perfect for advertisement. Whether you have a Game Of Thrones online debate club, or a dating site exclusively for ferret owners, the .CHAT domain is fun, to the point, and most importantly, shareable. If someone tells you to go to blahblahblah.COM and join the conversation, chances are you’ll forget about it pretty quickly as your mind mentally crumbles it and throws it into the mental trash can labelled “yet another chat website I don’t need to remember”. Having the .CHAT extension makes your site memorable and enticing, and will quickly set you apart from the rest. Don’t get lost amongst all that online jabber. Holler above the rest with the fun, catchy .CHAT domain extension!