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Domain extension .DANCE

Get your own dancing space on the Internet with the all new .DANCE domain name. Dancers, performing groups, dance schools and instructors don’t have to battle it out to be heard and seen anymore. Just add .DANCE to your website address and let the world see you perform. Amidst the flood of .com’s, .net’s and .org’s, there is a dearth of website names that allow you to express your true self. .DANCE allows you to showcase your passion, commitment and specialization whether you are a choreographer, a dance event organizer, an aerobics expert or anyone who has anything to do with dancing. Bring the joy of dancing to the online world and get people up on the dance floor grooving and jiving to the music of self-expression. Get noticed for providing this extraordinary experience with a .DANCE domain name, and create a space for yourself that cannot be easily shared. .DANCE is also for people who are into composing, streaming or providing dance music and/or dance enthusiasts with interesting blogs. Effortlessly reach out to people who have the dance skills but just lack the right kind of music or need a little bit of direction. Are you a dance company in need of new talent? Register for a .DANCE domain name today to announce upcoming auditions, screenings and events. Stay connected with the very specialized and niche dance community on the Internet and become an inseparable part of the infinite resource pool. The exclusivity will not last forever, so get a .DANCE domain name today.