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Domain extension .ENGINEERING

Engineering is a branch of knowledge that is virtually boundless and so are the reasons that one may need to use the .ENGINEERING domain extension. Granted, it’s a mouthful but there is no word that quite captures the meaning of engineering well, like engineering does. The .ENGINEERING domain is now available for customers with websites that are involved in fields like, construction, manufacturing, maintenance, etc. All engineers, as diverse as they may be, have one thing in common; the name engineering and what better spot for them to meet, socialize, connect, interact, communicate and network than a website that makes them all feel at home by using a domain they can all relate to? Are you an association of engineers and you want to seem more professional and attract more members? Are you a company that offers engineering services and you want to appear more reputable? Are you a think tank that hosts a large resource of technical information and provides solutions to various engineering problems? Perhaps you are involved in reporting news about the latest developments in the world of engineering and doing profiles on the specifics of any of the global giant engineering companies? If you are anything like the above examples, then this is certainly the domain name for you. Don’t hesitate but take action now and get ahead. Get the .ENGINEERING extension today.