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Domain extension .ESTATE

$39.99 ~ $27.99/y
Who doesn't want an .ESTATE? Problems:
  1. Estate management can be really tough work but what may be tougher is finding a worthwhile estate to manage.
  2. The owners of an estate don’t have it all rosy either and may have just as hard a time finding the right person or people to manage their estate.
  3. The great estate manager and the owners of a great estate can’t locate one another because of bad advertising and general cluelessness.
Solution: There is only one solution. We all know the internet is the tree of information and if an estate manager is going to get clients or a estate owner is going to find a competent manager to run it for them, the internet is where they will most likely meet. This is where the .ESTATE domain extension becomes a stone that kills two birds. With this domain, you will not have to worry about finding clients or them finding you. Your business will take a turn for the better; there is no doubt about that. The specificity of the extension will ensure you will only deal with actual potential customers and none of those time wasters that don’t really know what they are looking for. A domain like this one will make you stand out amongst competition. It takes very little to sway a person’s mind and the .ESTATE extension is more than enough to do just that. Get the .ESTATE today. It is a keeper. noun noun: estate; plural noun: estates; noun: estate of the realm; plural noun: estates of the realm; plural noun: three estates
  • 1. an area or amount of land or property, in particular: synonyms: property, grounds, garden(s), park, parkland, land(s), piece of land, tract, landholding, manor, domain, territory; More BRITISH an area of land and modern buildings developed for residential, industrial, or commercial purposes. synonyms: area, site, development, complex, piece of land, land, region, tract More an extensive area of land in the country, usually with a large house, owned by one person, family, or organization. all the money and property owned by a particular person, especially at death. "in his will, he divided his estate between his wife and daughter" synonyms: assets, capital, wealth, riches, holdings, fortune, property, worth, resources, effects, possessions, belongings, things, goods, worldly goods, stuff, chattels, valuables; More a property where coffee, rubber, grapes, or other crops are cultivated. "large coffee estates" synonyms: plantation, farm, holding; More
  • 2. a class or order regarded as forming part of the body politic, in particular (in Britain), one of the three groups constituting Parliament, now the Lords spiritual (the heads of the Church), the Lords temporal (the peerage), and the Commons. They are also known as the three estates. "the unions are no longer an estate of the realm" dated a particular class or category of people in society. "the spiritual welfare of all estates of men"
  • 3. archaicliterary a particular state, period, or condition in life. "programmes for the improvement of man's estate" synonyms: state, condition, situation, position, circumstance, lot, fate More
  • 4.BRITISH short for estate car.